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What are websites made of?

When you look at a website, it can seem pretty complicated: there is text, images, links to other sites, videos and flying unicorns. Well, okay, maybe not unicorns, but all the other stuff is there.

But under the hood all websites are very simple: each page is just a text file which contains some extra information called HTML tags which tell your browser how to show something on the screen of your computer or tablet. Tags are written with brackets and can look like this: <b>, <i>, <h1>, <span>, or <style> (don't worry about what they mean yet).

For example, the following code will create a simple website:
and it will look something like this:

If you right-click on any site and select View page source you will see all the code for that page. Try it now on this page; it's not very scary, is it?

If you'd like some more information about the process of creating websites, take a look at this page.