Level 1: Let's Play Tag!


You already know that the HTML language for building websites uses tags to create elements such as text and images. There are tags which lets you do all kinds of things like adding underlined or bold text, changing text size, or inserting headings and paragraphs into a page.

Most tags need to be opened and closed. To create a page heading in big letters you can write: <h1>Title</h1> where <h1> is the opening tag and </h1> is the closing tag. If you do this, all text between the opening and closing tag will be big.

Examples of HTML code:

<u>This text is underlined</u>  shows up as:  This text is underlined
<i>This text is in italics</i>  shows up as: This text is in italics
<i><u>This is underlined and in italics</u></i>  shows up as:
This is underlined and in italics

A big list of HTML tags can be found on this page.


Type HTML into the textbox below to display the word "hacker" in bold text. The bold tag is <b>.

When you do it, you will be able to advance to the next level.
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